Poetry can save the metaverse

CRYPTOPUNK POETRY is a collection of poets lost in the pixels

The story

CRYPTOPUNK POETRY is the first experiment that puts some poetry in a language and an aesthetics of the NFT world

The artist

Italian poet Paolo Gambi is the founder of Poetry Renaissance



“I gave life to faces of great poets, accompanied by their quotes adapted to the new context. Hoping I wasn’t disrespectful”.

The plan

2500 purple poets will be sold as semi-fungible items on polygon (no gas fee) at 0.01 ETH


2500 red poets will be sold on Hicetnunc at 3 XTZ (Tezos)


50 rare blue poets will be sold at increasing price starting at 0.025 ETH

The project

The artist

Paolo Gambi is one of the most acclaimed Italian poets, one of the first on earth to mint NFT poems.

The art

No AI, no algorithms: every poet was created by Paolo Gambi.
The verses attributed to each poet are a crypto reworking of their poetics.

The font used for the scripts is that of an old video game, Ghosts N’ Goblins.

Poetry could not fail to meet this artistic direction and try to sprout a Cryptopunk poetry.


It took a lot of imagination to choose the poets and to rewrite their verses in crypto key. We hope that the thing is appreciated by collectors.

In the future this pioneering artistic research will be remembered as the beginning of the new era of poetry. Who knows how far the first cryptopunk poets will be auctioned off…

The result

And then Dante Alighieri appears, leading the cryptopunk movement like a nerd, Homer portraying humanity on the pixels, Shakespeare turning his stage into a video game, Walt Whitman inviting to contribute a bit, Goethe is honored for his Weltliterature, Jorge Luis Borges crowning the new world. And it goes on.

The roadmap

25% red poets sold

New 25% red poets will be unlocked.

25% purple poets sold

New 25% purple poets will be unlocked.

25% blue poets sold

New 25% blue poets will be minted at double price.


5 NFT giveaway contest will be held between this point and completion.


Collectors will contribute to spreading poetry in the new world


Collectors can ask a free tailor-made poem from artist


Collectors can participate in the choice of the next poets


Collectors will be invited to join a new collective NFT poetry project. 

50% red poets sold

New 50% red poets will be unlocked.

50% purple poets sold

New 50% purple poets will be unlocked.


Rare, limited edition pieces will begin to be airdropped to randomly selected holders.

50% blue poets sold

New 50% blue poets will be be minted at double price.


A part of the profit will be donated to Poetry Renaissance to support the spread of poetry in the world

100% sold

The first House of Poetry will be opened in the metaverse.


5 ETH will be dispersed to randomly selected collectors for their valued support in the community.


A part of the profit will be donated to Poetry Renaissance to support  poor poets around the world.

Copyright © 2021 Paolo Gambi