Poetry coaching

Poetry coaching: poetry tells you the truth about yourself

Poetry coaching

How does it work?

How does it work?

Contact me, we will have an online or live interview and I will build a pathway tailored to your needs. If you feel it resonate within, we will start walking together, live or using the tools of technology

Angelica Tosoni

I have been following Paolo Gambi’s poetry coaching for a few months now. If I said it was a poetry course, I would immiserate an incredible experience. With poetry and Paolo Gambi’s guidance, I have reached truths about myself that I never realised, and I have not only ‘shared’ myself with the world and with the fear of my fears. It is a journey whose goal is authenticity and the beauty of being. I recommend it to those who wish to take care of their own growth and perhaps succeed in making poetry out of love and truth.


  • During this course I will make you read and write verses.
  • Together we will gather words from your depths and discover how they determine your life.
  • We will use the power of poetry to transform the words you carry within you
  • Words will become powerful allies to navigate your emotions and reins to tame them
  • Verses will build word bridges to the dimension of relationship: look at improving your relationships through poetry
  • We will dig deep to find your first words

Paolo Gambi

paolo gambi poetry coaching

Paolo Gambi, a former journalist, lecturer and successful coach, graduated in law and psychology, left everything behind to devote himself full-time to his poetic and artistic research. He has published over thirty books, translated into several languages.

He puts poetry everywhere: a pioneer of bodypainting poetry, he writes poems in the material and stages them on stages. He is one of the first in the world to have coined NFT poetry. One of his NFT-guaranteed digital works was selected and published by a Stanford University project. His material poems are exhibited in museums and cultural institutions in various countries around the world.

He founded Poetry Renaissance.

He has received numerous awards, including the José Rizal Heritage Award, the Guidarello and was testimonial of the month of Italian culture in the Principality of Monaco.

RAI, Corriere della Sera, La Stampa, Il Giornale, La Verità, Affaritaliani, Artribune, as well as sector organisations such as Poesia del Nostro Tempo, RAI poesia, Rivista Clandestino, The Los Angeles Press (USA) NFThours (USA), NFT poetry gallery (USA), Vuela Palabra (Spanish language), Voce (Argentina), Espoarte have spoken about his artistic research.

For information/bookings for poetry coaching paologambi@gmail.com