POEM IV – Kristina Antipkova

POEM IV – Kristina Antipkova
(Unfortunately) she is not my girlfriend, lover or friend. She is a beautiful girl that I have awarded at the beauty contest ‘Miss Princess of Europe’. And to which they asked me to dedicate some quickly written verses during the award ceremony.
I really enjoyed doing it, so if anyone else wants to run as a Muse I’ll be very happy. DM me.
Here are the simple verses:

The winds of the steppes blow in your eyes
The youth of the Mediterranean crys in your body
You walked the catwalk sinuous like the Queen of Sheba
You let your sharp look stop on us
who are called to turn your beauty into number
It is not the numbers that win but the words
And it is with these that, softly, I’ll crown you

POEM IV - Kristina Antipkova

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