Poem V – Mondeval

Mondeval is a place of the spirit near Cortina d’Ampezzo. I usually go there to lose myself in that valley stuck between the mountains and the mystery of time that does not flow, where human beings are hardly encountered, if not some lost soul remained entangled there from the days when men still dressed like primitives.

If you think that between those rocks and Heaven family communities lived  eighty centuries ago, in the Mesolithic, you will find inside a whirlwind of emotions exploding and arising in an unequaled charm. I do not write this to invite you to go there, on the contrary: that is a place to enjoy which you require trained legs and special eyes, which are rare. For the lazy, the dream also comes true in the museum of Mondeval below.

I write instead because at Mondeval, together for example at Cianderou, I found many inspirations. Yes, they are places that make me resonate in my love for the mountains. All in all it is my reserve of verbal hunting, where I go to look for words to be grabbed and then put in some of my poetry. I propose one that I have explicitly dedicated to Mondeval and which I hope will be, even in the free verse of my first poems, appreciated by someone.





Sometimes it is better to avoid demons

that infest the depths of the bowels like boiling magma

And climb up, in the arcane uplands of your mind

Where traditions old like the first men

And words ancient like nature lodge.

Who manages to get here, where the primitive man dozes,

He will find the embrace of a peace as powerful as the mountains and as sweet as the child who wets his hands at the creek

And up here the demons of today will be quiet. Even just for a moment.


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