Feminism, the great deception

Feminism: the very word we use to refer to it reveals deception


Feminism, the great deception

Feminism: a word that today is used as a value, a battle, a horizon to pursue. Young girls are convinced they are on the right side by saying “I am a feminist,” just as much as older women and even some men.

Poets pursue the deepest meaning of words, trying to uncover their mysteries. And the mystery of the word “feminism” is not even that arcane. It is simply an “ism,” that is, an ideology, which considers only the female point of view. Just like the opposing “machismo,” this ideology seeks to erase half of the cosmos, ignore the Yang, pretend that the other half does not exist. Re-examining all feminist phenomena in light of this awareness removes much of the positive aura with which they are perceived today.

Why should a society consider positive an attitude and a vision that takes into account only half of its population? Why should a sensible person accept as a positive value an attitude that in fact discriminates against a large part of the world? The word itself hides its deception. The deception that takes us away from unity.

Feminism was born between the so-called “Enlightenment” and the French Revolution. Perhaps not everyone knows that there is an ongoing claim of the satanic roots of this ideology. As has been widely demonstrated, the roots of this partial way of thinking are deeply embedded in the romantic and revolutionary satanic explosion. On the other hand, the satanic archetype is an archetype of division, and what more terrible division can there be than that between the two halves of humanity?

A profound critical and poetic effort is needed to understand the deeper purpose of the insistent propaganda that permeates the mass media. TV series, books, narratives are effective tools for spreading the entire narrative behind this thinking, from the invention of the patriarchy to the construction of the bad male. The world is reacting to this rewriting of the spiritual DNA of the world. What do you think?

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