Bodypainting Poetry

Bodypainting poetry. Paolo Gambi is one of the few artists to have harmoniously put together poetry with bodypainting.

Bodypainting poetry is not simply any poem written on the skin. The process begins with the first stage, during which through dialogue and experience together I go to collect your verses, those who are in the depths of your soul.

With the second stage I write these verses on your skin, almost as a psychomagic spell that unites body and soul.


The essence of bodypainting poetry

The best and truest way to experience this is by NUDITY. That’s why I tour the naturist beaches, where nudity is not a problem. To bring naked bodies together means not to put barriers to souls. And by meeting, mine brings out verses written deep within yours.

Here for example we are at the naturist beach of Lido di Dante, thanks to the collaboration with the Model Performer, NudeDancer and Playmate Redclo.

bodypainting poetry

Since then I have written many bodies, without distinction of gender, looking in each verse to collect and to carry on the surface of the skin.

Bodypainting poetry on stage

I developed the performance and today I play it even without the total nudity, especially when it is part of a larger show. I took it to Roma Fashion Week. On that occasion I collaborated with an association for the promotion of the prevention of breast cancer, and women who healed from cancer walked the catwalk. The word written on the body has thus become a kind of “precious scar”, echoing the ancient oriental art of kintsugi.


Do you want to be the protagonist of the performance? Do you want to be the paper for yourself? Paolo Gambi will reach you, spend time with you to bring out your deepest verses and write them on your skin. Of the performance photos and videos will be taken, and at the end everything can also be transformed into an NFT (non-fungible token). You will buy the NFT and together you will have achieved the goals of being the protagonist of the performance and of having made an investment in digital art!