Poetry can save the world

Who I am

paolo gambi

A craftsman of the word, a beggar of Beauty.
A poet, a writer, an artist in love with knowledge and mystery.
Someone who does not want to stop dreaming. And to be contemporary to the future.
A man who seeks freedom with all his heart. And who wants to use it to do beautiful things.
An Italian proud to be one.
A half-nomad who lives in Italy even when he is abroad.
A half-Glocal who can’t stop being one.
A half anarchist in diaspora.
A man with too many halves.


What I do

I research art

I WRITE POEMS because I can’t help it

I run POETRY RENAISSANCE, a spontaneous and wonderful international poetic movement.

I mint NFT POEMS, because I want to make poetry in contemporary times

I do BODYPAINTING POETRY to take poetry out of poetry

I do POETRY AND MUSIC, to help rediscover the alliance between the two ancient arts

I write books

I’ve been putting words together for two decades and burying them in paper.

I have published THIRTY BOOKS, often with large publishers, many of which have been translated into many languages.

I also give WRITING VIDEO COURSES for those who want to take advantage of my experience and my mistakes.

Some of my books

Some of my NFT works