Chapter VI – at dinner

at dinner paolo gambi

Chapter VI – at dinner

The satyr disappeared from my eyes at the same speed he appeared. I have to act, yes. But to do what? In doubt, I returned to the beach, perhaps hoping to find the sea angel. Which did not appear. Instead, I fell victim to the gaze of a girl. I did not choose her, she was the one who looked at me with her deep blue eyes while I was under the sun and I could not help but get to know her. We passed from a smile to a chat, that became more and more familiar, then my invitation to dinner arrived. We went to have dinner in Porto Azzurro, in a small restaurant for couples. And finally I managed to distract my mind from the thoughts on the mysterious creatures of these days and the doubts about my madness. We sat down, I ordered a pizza and she ordered fish. Every time I looked up I found myself as possessed by those deep blue, maternal, beautiful and sensual eyes. At dinner she did not talk much and she always answered in a very evasive way to any question about her. Then, while we were talking about new generations, she struck me with a question: ‘Do you want to be helped or do you want to do it all by yourself?’. ‘In what sense?’ I replied dubiously. ‘In your life, do you think you can get anywhere by yourself?’ ‘Well … yes…’. ‘So why have not you saved it yet?’. The blood froze in my veins. And as I continued to look at her in those phantasmagorical blue eyes, I felt my head spinning, my senses abandoning me and falling into nothingness. I have no idea what happened then but I woke up at dawn, lying on a rock by the sea, completely nude and wrapped in a thin layer of seaweed mixed with salt. I got up, I got rid of those algae. And I found myself inside a strange and powerful awareness: now I know exactly what I have to do.

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