Chapter VII – On the rock

Chapter VII

On the rock

paolo gambi sullo scoglio

Enlightened by my new awareness I got up from the rock completely naked, in that very first morning dampened by the sea breeze. And looking at the sunlight kissing the surface of the water I took the first step towards the sea. Because I finally knew that my answers are there. ‘Stop!’. A guttural voice reached me from behind my back. I turned around, to find myself in front of the creature that had been chasing me for days. ‘Who are you?’ I asked aggressively, tired of seeing him around. ‘If I told you, you would not believe it. I’m someone watching over you. ” ‘An angel?’ I asked, surprised. Seeing my surprise, he chuckled and said: ‘Do you think it’s enough to be nice like the satyr to be good and just be bestial like me to be bad?’. ‘Who do I have to save?’ I asked then, full of apprehension. ‘Yourself’. ‘From who?’. ‘From yourself’. ‘What shall I do?’ I cried out loudly, naked on that rock. ‘Go back home, keep away from satyrs and spirits and continue your life as you have always done’. ‘But now I know I must enter the sea to get the knowledge I miss’. ‘And if instead they had convinced you of this to attract you into the water and steal your soul?’. I looked at that beastly creature who invited me to go home. Then I turned to the sea, seeing it shining like never before. What was I supposed to do? To pursue the attractive beauty of the sea and look for the answers I urgently needed there, or to listen to the creature who invited me to go beyond that appearance?

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