Chapter VIII Beauty that saves the world

Chapter VIII

Beauty that saves the world

Beauty that saves the world

‘Only beauty can save the world,’ I replied to that ugly furry creature who wanted me to go back home. And taking only two more steps I arrived at the last stretch of rock before the immensity of the sea. I made a leap, a bit like when I was born, and I was drawn down, to sink into an embrace of the sea. All my senses were canceled, I closed my eyes and did not see, I closed my ears and did not hear, I closed my nose and did not smell. My body began to sink towards the abyss, dragged towards the depths of the sea. I was enveloped by the infinity of water and contacting it images and sounds arose in my mind. An old face appeared to me, on which the centuries of history had painted wisdom. She smiled at me, revealing a mouth as old as the world. And out of that mouth a clear sound exploded in my head: ‘Monserrato! Monserrato! ‘. I did not understand what meaning it could have. Then I began to feel my heart pounding, eyes that wanted to open up to make me go back to the world, the lungs that wanted to contract to get oxygen. I realized that I was simply drowning. Was the creature who wanted to keep me away from the sea perhaps right? Was this my earthly end?

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