Artificial intelligence pros and cons

Artificial intelligence pros and cons

Artificial intelligence pros and cons

Artificial intelligence pros and cons

Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence now. Since the release of CHAT GPT-3, the world has realized that artificial intelligence exists and anyone can use it. But what are the pros and what are cons? It is very difficult to write lists of pros and cons because things that are pros for some are cons for others.

Don’t you understand? Let’s take an example.

An entrepreneur or marketer certainly can benefit from much easier access to an online promotional campaign, since GPT chat alone can create all the text for posts and videos. But the communications agency that could charge 10 for that campaign can now charge what, 5? 1? (Which then actually also serves the capacity to get around Google’s prohibitions on using AI).

Some pros

Some pros are obviously in the simplification of many jobs. If I wanted to write this post with GPT chat, it would have taken me five minutes in total. A possible con is that it would certainly have been much less personalized, much less “mine” than it is since I wrote it by hand.

But the pros can extend from simplifying medical or transportation advances to application in learning.

We can translate a text in one click, write a short essay in minutes, and program a new app in one-tenth the time we needed before. The list is potentially endless

Some cons

Among the cons are employment issues of no small importance: making many jobs obsolete could open up a huge problem for those who would like to continue to feed themselves by doing the same things they did before. Let’s say that many workers, especially concept workers, all suddenly become videotape sellers.

There are huge privacy and security issues. Because new scenarios open up. One example: if a chat will induce a kid to commit suicide whose fault will it be?

But the real con is related to our capabilities. By putting some of our mental processes into machines we will end up not using them in our brains anymore and in this way, we will unlearn them.

Will there still be poetry in the world that has discovered artificial intelligence?

For this and many other reasons, I have written a book that aims to lead in a simple way to the first discovery of artificial intelligence in its pros and cons.

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