Artificial intelligence: what will happen?

Artificial intelligence: what will happen?

Artificial intelligence: what will happen?

Artificial intelligence: what has happened

The moment that all the nerds in the world have been waiting for for a long time has arrived: AI (or AI, in English) has become something very tangible. With the release of CHAT GPT-3 anyone has access to an artificial intelligence capable of writing potentially anything from a school essay to code for programming an HTML page.

Now, it is true that in a sense we were actually using artificial intelligence every time we used an online translator, or every time we accessed Facebook or used any social network. But now we have the ability to use this tool in a much more accomplished way, and we have a greater awareness of it. And so a new world opens up and no one knows its true boundaries, full of pros and cons.

A book

Precisely because I have been following this topic closely for a long time, tortured by artist’s and poet’s questions about the future of humanity, I decided to write a book that can help anyone who wants to approach artificial intelligence. A simple text, for those who have yet to understand what we are talking about. An almost elementary text, but one that can be the first step in understanding this new reality. And this text will give you a final surprise.

What will happen?

It is hard to say where this will lead. Certainly the applications are such and so many that our entire daily lives will be revolutionized. From medicine to transportation, from communication to economics, the world that lies before us will be very different.

And the concerns are indeed many. From ethical ones to those related to the world of work (yes, because all of a sudden a lot of jobs have become completely or partially useless), from dangers to children to

We will have to find out whether it will be a world closer to the one painted by Star Trek, or a dystopian reality close to the prophecies of the Matrix.

I believe that in the end, once again, poetry will save us.

(post written without the aid of AI)

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