POSTCONTEMPORARY MANIFESTO: Words that can lead us through the Arts into a better future:

The contemporary continues to die a death that does not kill, to revolve around itself like a damned planet. A terrible loop with distant roots that start from Dadaism and Duchamp and arrive in the 1980s, only to rotate again in its orbit of self-destruction.

The contemporary is the artistic and therefore prophetic and mythopoetic counterpart to the self-destructive parable of the West.

The contemporary can no longer be saved, it is so damned by its very nature that it can only be overcome.

To overcome the contemporary, one needs the postcontemporary.

As a poet, because the postcontemporary begins with poetry, I have chosen to contribute some of my verses, which start with single words, small atolls in the infected sea of the contemporary.

When I think of the postcontemporary, I think of LIGHT, which shows us a dimension that lies beyond us, and that is the SACRED. To embrace the complexity of the whole, language becomes MULTIMEDIAL, but to make art the artist must be FREE, and for this to happen ANARCHY is needed, an inner condition that allows one to navigate with freedom in the dissolved seas of the contemporary. The compass is BEAUTY. An art capable of transforming capitalism from an end to a means and thus rediscovering the taste for GIFT, a MYSTICAL taste, set in a dimension of DREAM. There is no art without RELATIONSHIP, and above all, there is no TRUTH without CONTRADITION. DIVERSITY in UNITY.