Chapter XI The spirit of Elba island

Chapter XI The spirit of Elba island
I looked at that ancient figure with a mixture of admiration and surprise.
‘Who are you?’ I asked curiously.
The little satyr emerged from the plants.
‘It’s the spirit of this island,’ he replied with a childlike voice.
‘What do you want from me?’.
‘There are forces that struggled to keep you from coming here. If you only knew how many things are happening beyond the horizon of your senses … ‘.
‘You did not answer’.
‘The spirit of this island is under siege. Men fill the sea with dirt and the earth with cement. The spirit had to come here to find peace’.
‘Is she the one I have to save?’.
The faun looked at the spirit and they both laughed.
‘Do you really think you have this power?’.
‘So why are you tormenting me?’
‘We are only messengers. And now listen to your message ‘.
The satyr stepped aside with deference and helped the spirit stand up. She was not tall, but she had the authority of a mountain. And with an ancient voice she said:
‘You have a mission. You have a great soul and you have to save it! Only by saving your soul can you help others to save their own and only in this way can we all save the soul of the world’.
‘And what should I do to save my soul?’ I asked almost in despair.
‘The only thing I can tell you is this: go beyond your senses, follow your heart. You’ll find the answers there ‘.
A noise made the spirit turn abruptly. The satyr jumped away and disappeared among the plants. ‘Now go, come back to your life. And do what I told you’, said the spirit with the last breath. And his image began to disappear, as canceled by reality. The bestial creature that pursued me appeared instead. But he was dressed like a tourist, with shorts and a hat. ‘What are you doing here?’ He asked me angrily.
‘Nothing. I’m leaving1.
‘It will be better,’ he replied, ‘and know that I’ll be watching you’. I said nothing and headed for the car.
‘Go beyond your senses, follow your heart’. Those few words had penetrated me like a sharp knife.

the spirit of elba island

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