Street poetry, that’s how I started

street poetry

Street poetry. Maybe I brought poetry into street art. Or maybe in the graffiti art. Or maybe I got lost in the bush that critics like so much. Or maybe I just smeared a wall with words.

I don’t know, man.

What I do know is that I felt the need to take some verses out of me – or maybe bring them in me – and to imprint them on the matter. I’m not the first. I won’t be the last. But here I am.

Poetry renaissance is the movement that I find myself somehow leading. Tens, hundreds of poets who want to save the world with poetry. We are all poets, we want to put poetry everywhere, so that human hearts can beat to the rhythm of infinity.

So it makes sense to use a white wall to propose to the world what shakes between inside and the eternal.

This work of street poetry, if we really want to call it – was born on the sand of Romagna, at the BBK of Marina di Ravenna. A place to which I have been linked for many years, where in addition to the beach there are mythological evenings of parties and disco.

Can poetry go to disco? It must.

I had verses in mind.

“Filo, can I write a poem on a wall” I ask one of the owners.

Or do you have to violate a property to do street art? I don’t know.

He says yes, he even gives me ladder, paint and brush (a bit big, maybe for pure machismo).

With the help of some characters who belong to the mythology of the place – Tobia, Paul the boss’s father and Camara – in a little while the poem is written on the entrance wall.

I felt a lot of energy flowing on that wall. I can’t stop here. Call me and I will also smear your wall with verses.

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