Blockchain poetry: what is it?

Blockchain poetry

Blockchain poetry. What does that mean? Poetry (that is not dead) is a blockchain. Probably the oldest form of blockchain.

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What is, in the end, a blockchain? It is a shared and “immutable” data structure made such by an encryption system.
And what is a poem formally composed of?
Sequences of not replaceable lines, supported by rules of metrics, rhyme and rhythm of the heart. Which can only be decrypted by humans in connection with mystery.
You cannot move a single word from the original text, for example, of the Odyssey or the whole construct falls.
A chain composed not by any blocks but by verses and by points at infinity. A poetrychain, one might say.
Many blockchain systems are born to secure value, originality, identity of an object.
Poetry is a blockchain that does not secure monetary values or transactions, but movements that shake in the depths of the human soul.
But this blockchain system cannot survive on its own in the metaverse. It needs help. For example, the NFT.
Planting verses in the metaverse means building a future that will continue to have windows overlooking the mystery.
Who will understand that poetry can become an integral part of the new world, who will accept the idea that every metaverse needs poetry to be called human, who will grasp the importance of bringing poetic verses on the new ark of Noah, will have saved humanity.
And whoever helped the poets get on this ark will be blessed by their immortal verses. That will be blockchain poetry.


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