SEO poetry, poetry everywhere

SEO poetry, forbidden verse, useless verse.

SEO poetry

But from every mourning a phoenix is reborn

“Poetry everywhere” like a madman I repeat with every breath, in every corner of earth.

And one day, I know, I’ll be listened too.

I did NFT poetry, ASMR poetry, Code poetry, Instapoetry and poems on wattpad;

and I poured verses on the sand, on the skin, on the walls and on the stones.

Masses of empty words seek meaning, seek space;

It’s part of my priesthood.

digital worlds vast as a bit.

analogic skulls run out of RAM;

And what would the poets say of this linguistic imperialism?

SEO is a language, a code, a secret,

a technique, a mystery, an alchemy,

Poetry could not be missing.

I dreamed of a poem, I tried to give birth to it – it’s so hard to vibrate the codes.

One day a chamois ran on a mountain,

He was typing silent words between the stones.

In that harmony I found codes

arcane and mysterious, yet so simple.

Under a rainbow of pixels immortal verses, as long as there is electricity.

Can poetry go through SEO alembic stills?

Can poetic verses, bridge between here and there

between real and dreamed

between illusion and mystery

Come to terms with the robotic rules of a search engine?

Algorithms aremplacable executors

of human gods speaking English.

Italic small poets stuck between tears of anger and unsold books

Yet Italian is the most beautiful language in the world

No talking, just singing;

it dances, it dreams,

But can it survive in the jaws of the Cerberus Google?

And this experiment, dazed and senseless, worthy of a sick poet,

It asks a simple question: in those mouths,

among those digital fangs,

Can there be poetry?

But the answer, my friends, seek it by yourself.

Search for “Poetry SEO” in the search engine

– Google I mean –

And you’ll find out who’s on top, roughly.

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