Chapter I – In the Garden of the simples

garden of the simples

Chapter I – In the Garden of the simples

I was looking for some relief from the Italian summer heath and I took refuge in the ancient “Garden of the simples” here in Rio Elba, in the Tuscany archipelago’s island where I am in literary retreat. While I was watching the ancient Hermitage of St.Catherine, surrounded by promontories and kissed by the sea, I saw a strange creature running around the Mediterranean grass. He was tall like a child, shirtless, but he seemed to have paws like a goat. I squinted to understand if the Mediterranean sun confused my sight. But he was still there. I then stepped toward him but as soon as he realized he ran away into the garden and he quickly climbed the grapevine. I ran down there but he was likely to have jumped away because I cannot see him anymore. What is it?

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