NFT poems: is this a new era for poets?

NFT poems. I don’t think I’m the first in the world to reflect on NFT poems. I’m certainly one of the first, and the first Italian.

NFT poems

But primates don’t matter here.

What matters is this revolutionary substance in which the whole world is boiling. Especially that of art.

Poetry is art and as such must anticipate times, not crystallize the past and ignore the present. Art is a board for surfing the waves of time that always flows in the same direction. Perhaps.

The artist must express the time in which they are called to live in the languages that are understood in that given time.

That’s why today it doesn’t make much sense to write poetry by hand on paper using the language of Shakespeare. It may be beautiful, but it confines poetry to an anachronistic dimension where it cannot perform its prophetic function.

Yet many consider poetry this: imitating poets of the past.

But the frame has changed and the picture cannot continue to be the same.

Those who today want to make poetry must (also) deal with digital art, with the new space that the universe has found to continue to expand.

Until now, digital poetry has remained stuck between the anvil and the hammer: on the one hand, the self-referential experiments of those who wanted to speak to the restricted world of contemporary art, on the other the trivialization of those who used social media to bring poetry to the great masses.

Today perhaps there is the tool to get rid of both problems.

Poetry is a form of blockchain by its very nature. It is therefore not strange if those who make poetry go to search among the NFT tools to give new life to the word.

NFT poetry can become a new space in which those who make poetry can find opportunities to express themselves, to grow and also to earn. On the other hand, there has been such experimentation for some time.

Will this be the time for NFT poetry?

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