Art and poetry

Art and poetry. For some time now my artistic research has been moving in the direction of finding the meeting point not only between poetry and music but also between poetry and visual art.

And then, when we think about it, we always create distinctions, we always raise walls, we always draw boundaries. Art could be considered a single form of expression that is articulated in many different styles and modes; it is what I try to do every time I feel inside that flame that pushes me to communicate.

I believe in particular that technology provides a unique opportunity in history to heal the fractured path that the two limbs have travelled so far. And in my own small way, I try to do my part.

I tried to explain what I think IN THIS ARTICLE.

So I started trying to get poetry out of poetry: in music, on people’s skin and on walls.

Invite me to write on your wall, on your mirror, in your business!


Installation on a mirror, physical therapist’s office Giovanni de Martino, Bologna, 2021

Street poetry installation at Papeete in Milano Marittima, 2021

Street poetry installation at BBK, Marina di Ravenna, 2021

Experiences of art and poetry

On the occasion of the 2020 Venice carnival I was commissioned to decorate one of the twelve doves that according to ancient tradition are associated with the twelve “Marys” of the carnival.

Chek more

I also collaborated through my poems with visual artists.

“I dreamed a dream” exhibition, Chapter 1, Venice 2019-2020

“I dreamed a dream” exhibition, Chapter II, Venice, 2020