Cryptovoxels: a gallery hosts my cryptopunk poetry in the metaverse

Cryptovoxels is a virtual world built on the blockchain. An art gallery, present only in that virtual or metaverse world, Gallery 90, chose some of my works of cryptopunk poetry and exhibited them in the metaverse. In the age of total dematerialization of everything, it should no longer surprise us that there are virtual worlds built in the new dimension that we are shaping every day.


But for me it was a huge surprise and an emotion to find some of my works on Cryptovoxels, it was like bringing a small part of me to the new world.

Those who make art must get used to being always one step ahead of others, to glimpse the future and tell it to those who walk with slower pace. Even when an artist is criticized for what he does, he must not stop experimenting.

That’s why my artistic research is always focused on finding new forms, new spaces for poetry: poetry and music, poems on walls, NFT, bodypainting poetry. Someone likes what I do, someone doesn’t like it. For me the important thing is to continue to navigate.

It won’t be, I think the last time I exhibit in an art gallery in a metaverse. But it’s the first, and I wanted to communicate this little experience.

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