Digital poetry: the revolution is coming.

Digital poetry: yes, the revolution is coming. Poetry has hardly managed to enter the art market. Those who wanted to collect poetry had to limit themselves to buying books, and those who wanted to dedicate themselves to artistic research around poetry had to do it as a hobby.

digital poetry

Today the world has changed. Poetry has become a digital object, at first thanks to social media. And now thanks to the NFT poetry can become an object for collectors and a source of income for artists.

Finding myself to be the founder of a movement called “Poetry Renaissance“, which has in its name the ambition to revive poetry, I feel the responsibility for these changes. That’s why I started taking steps.

This is my digital poetry development plan

  1. I started with cryptopunk poetry. Putting poetry together with one of the most popular artistic currents at the time I was the first to create a gate so that poetry could fertilize an existing artistic space and hybridize with it. Soon I will start with other hybridizations.
  2. Bodypainting poetry. Returning to the bodies I created a space in which the return to origin, that is to the body, is transformed into a digital object. In this way I embraced past, present and future.
  3. Make community. As founder of the international movement “Poetic Renaissance” I am creating spaces, within the movement, to begin to create all together and become the true reference point of digital poetry.

I dream of a world in which collectors understand that digital poetry is effectively a work of art and therefore collect it as well as other works of art.

I dream of a world where poets choose to live in the present and take advantage of what technology offers.

I dream of a world in which prejudices towards changes are overcome and new technological spaces are fertilized with poetic tastes.

I dream of a world where Christie’s will auction a contemporary poem for many millions of euros.

I dream of a world where all this does not ruin the beauty of poetry.

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